David Bellamy - Watercolour Artist

Known for his passion for painting wild places, follow his blog from the links below.

David Bellamy - Watercolour Artist

One of the UK’s top british watercolour artists David Bellamy specialises in painting wild mountain and coastal scenes, and is particularly fascinated by the moods of nature in the wild places. His paintings have reached private collections in many parts of the world. A full-time artist and author, he has written eleven books (see below) illustrated with his paintings.

Six instructional videos on watercolour painting by David have been produced by APV Films of Chipping Norton. He has also produced two video diaries and two slide presentations on DVD. He runs watercolour painting courses in the UK and overseas and demonstrates to art societies, you can find out more at David Bellamy‘s website www.davidbellamy.co.uk where you can see more  David Bellamy Paintings, and further examples of his work as a professional watercolour artist, together with hints and tips for improving your watercolour paintings can be found on his blog here davidbellamyart.blogspot.co.uk

Raising awareness of threats to the environment

Through his painting and writing he hopes to bring about a greater awareness of the threats to the natural environment, and he is particularly active in conserving the wild areas. He is a patron of the Marine Conservation Society’s Seas for Life Appeal.

David Bellamy watercolour demonstrations

David offers a two-hour watercolour demonstration and will travel to any part of the UK providing he can combine the trip with some other business. He never demonstrates the same subject twice and can tailor the presentation to suit the Art Societies requirements.

Watercolour barn and trees by David Bellamy

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The “King” of understatement

I totally admire David’s ability to create amazing landscapes with the minimum number of brushstrokes and colours, and his use of negative painting and “lost and found” techniques creates breathtaking results which one day I hope to be able achieve myself. I once saw David demonstrate painting a waterfall in the wilds at a Patchings Art Festival a number of years back, and if you haven’t seen him deliver his watercolour painting demonstration then I encourage you to do so, I can guarantee you will not be disappointed and will learn so much.

Connect with David on the internet

David has several websites and social media accounts, use these links to connect with him:

David Bellamy watercolour painting books

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David Bellamy's PembrokeshireDavid Bellamy's PembrokeshireDavid Bellamy's PembrokeshireBuy on Amazon
Developing Your Watercolours by David BellamyDeveloping Your Watercolors by David BellamyDeveloping Your WatercoloursBuy on Amazon
Learn To Paint Watercolour Landscapes by David BellamyLearn To Paint Watercolor Landscapes by David BellamyLearn To Paint Watercolour LandscapesBuy on Amazon
Mountains And Moorlands In Watercolour by David BellamyMountains And Moorlands In Watercolour by David BellamyMountains And Moorlands In WatercolourBrowse in shop
Skies Light And Atmosphere In Watercolour by David BellamySkies Light And Atmosphere In Watercolor by David BellamySkies Light And Atmosphere In WatercolourBuy on Amazon
The Wild Places of Britain by David BellamyThe Wild Places of Britain by David BellamyThe Wild Places of BritainBuy on Amazon
Watercolour Landscape Course by David BellamyWatercolor Landscape Course by David BellamyWatercolour Landscape Course - From First Steps To Finished PaintingsBuy on Amazon
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David Bellamy watercolour painting DVD’s

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David Bellamy watercolour 2 DVD setDavid Bellamy watercolor 2 DVD setCoastal Adventures In Watercolour
Travelling Adventures In Watercolour
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David Bellamy Watercolour Painting Video

Check out other inspiring watercolour instruction videos on this David Bellamy YouTube search here>