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Social Media Marketing – The facts

Every day more and more creatives, artists, art galleries, art suppliers, art publishers and art collectors are turning to social media marketing to connect and engage with fans and customers, and to find new opportunities to buy and sell their art.

Social media is much more effective than email marketing or monthly newsletters, where the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are a quick and convenient way to build loyal, responsive followers that choose to willingly “opt-in” to receive news and updates from you through social networking.

With the growth of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets it’s now easier than ever to run social media marketing campaigns as part of your daily life, you have everything you need in your pocket. Unfortunately, with people spending less cash in the High Street many marketing budgets have been slashed and the cost of hiring a big agency to help manage your social media marketing is beyond their reach. However, all you probably need is some help in finding out how it works, and how you can manage it yourself with the tools at your disposal.

Social media is not a fad, it has proven to be one of the most highly effective methods of marketing that is now being used by millions of people, organisations, and communities of all sizes, across the world – Your competitors are already using it and you need to get started before you lose out completely.

Social media packagesSocial Media Packages

I have helped over 150 organisations over the past 7 years meet their social media marketing goals and objectives and have created  bespoke social media marketing packages to suit all budgets. See my list of social media clients here> Whether you’re a complete novice, or need someone who intimately understands social media to show you how it’s done, or need an advanced, highly targeted social marketing strategy to be developed and implemented to meet your goals, I can help you, as I offer a complete suite of social media marketing services and social media marketing training. I help people and businesses market themselves efficiently, creating professionally branded Facebook, Twitter and Google+ pages, as well as customised YouTube channels to help them get the most from their social media practices. For larger organisations I have also helped to create the necessary policies, procedures and awareness training packages that keep them, and their employees safe on-line, as well as protect their brand and reputation.

Social media marketing for artists, art galleries, art suppliers and art publishers

In todays internet connected world artists need to reach out to build a loyal, on-line fan base. Art buyers, art collectors and hobbyists are surfing the web from their armchairs using mobile devices like iPads, tablets and smartphones. Traditional websites no longer cut the mustard, they are slow, clunky, rendering graphics awkwardly and taking so long to download images to these mobile devices. If the page or image they’re trying to look at doesn’t download in a matter of seconds they’ve gone somewhere else, and you’ve lost the sale. It’s not just about having a mobile-ready website either. If your site doesn’t have modern RSS feeds, or easy to use social media links to share your content, or to connect with you then your website will be hidden inside the mass of other sites like yours on the internet. With todays modern RSS feeds, and carefully configured social media links your content can go viral, potentially reaching millions of people and bringing thousands of new visitors to your pages every day, giving you the opportunity to build a vibrant community of people interested in you, what you do, and what you have to offer. It’s like moving your shop from the dimly lit back streets on the outskirts of town to a spot-lit studio right in the town centre.

Available packages

Package 1:

Show you the ropes and get you started
  • Initial consultation on why you’re wanting to use social media and how you intend to use it.
  • Help and advice with setting up the appropriate social media accounts.
  • Advice on setting up your own social media strategy that meets your goals and objectives.
  • Analysis of your website/blog and advice on making it mobile and social-friendly
  • Advice on implementing your own internal staff training package.

Package 2:

Help you set everything up - for you to manage
  • In depth consultation on what you are intending to achieve with social media.
  • Social media collateral audit and assessment.
  • Help with setting up the appropriate social media accounts.
  • Advice on setting up your own social media strategy that meets your goals and objectives.
  • Social media marketing courses for staff performing your social media activities.
  • Advice on implementing your own internal staff awareness training package.
  • Unlimited telephone and email support for your social media team for the duration of the engagement.

Package 3:

We set it all up and manage everything for you

Asses and define:

  • In depth consultation on what you are intending to achieve with social media
  • Define the goals, objectives and agree success metrics for the package.
  • Define a social media marketing strategy that meets these goals and objectives.
  • Design your social media marketing campaign
  • Social media collateral audit and assessment.

Create and produce:

  • Set up and branding of all appropriate social media accounts.
  • Produce relevant content for your social media accounts
    • Such as: defining Tweets, Facebook status updates, writing blog posts etc.

Act, engage, report:

  • Manage your social media marketing tools for you
  • Perform all your social media output on your behalf
    • Such as: Tweeting, Facebook status updates, blog content management etc.
  • Perform all your social media engagement on your behalf
    • Such as responding to: Tweets, Facebook page moderation, blog comment moderation  etc.
  • Produce monthly progress reports measuring success against agreed metrics.

Support and training:

  • Define and deliver an internal staff training package.
  • Unlimited telephone and email support for your marketing / communications team for the duration of the engagement.

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