David Drummond - Watercolour Artist

Known for his dramatic landscapes which have become a Drummond specialty, follow his work from the links below.
David Drummond - Watercolour Artist

David Drummond has made a name for himself as one of the Southwest’s most recognised watercolorists. He’s a realist who’s in love with the West. “Painting the western landscape is a compulsion for me. I don’t think I could ever stop,” states Drummond.

Dramatic watercolour landscapes

Dramatic landscapes are a Drummond specialty. He’s widely recognised for his highly detailed and expressive paintings of Lake Powell.  “I’ve enjoyed a 20-year love affair with Lake Powell; I feel more at home there than anywhere else on earth. There are sculptured rock spires and walls here that put any man-made cathedral to shame… It has always astonished me that in an area hosting millions of visitors a year, a half-mile walk in any direction from my boat can bring me to a place of absolute solitude.  I love the Lake in all its moods, from glassy morning reflections to surf and thundering waterfalls during storms. I only hope that my paintings speak for me.”

David Drummond - Watercolour Artist

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Continuing passion for watercolours

David’s entire life has been about challenge and perfection. Drummond was raised in Pennsylvania where he studied art with Charlotte Wilson. He felt cramped in the East, however and moved to Colorado for his graduate studies; after receiving his doctorate in physics, Drummond went to work for the Air Force in Albuquerque as a laser optics specialist. A continuing passion for watercolours prompted Drummond to leave civilian employment with the Air Force in 1986 and paint full time. That same year he was elected to signature membership in the American Watercolour Society , and the following year into Watercolour West. Today, after more than 40 years in watercolours, Drummond confidently states that his best is yet to come.

Exhibitions, publications, and awards

During the past 14 years, Drummond has had 14 paintings included in the National Arts for the Parks top 100, eight in the Second 100 show, and has exhibited every year since the inception of the Mini 100. He has exhibited in numerous national juried shows including the American Watercolour Society Annual Exhibition, Watercolour West, Georgia Watercolour Society National Exhibit, Rocky Mountain National, and the San Diego International Exhibition. Drummond’s Art’s For the Parks pieces have been made into posters, calendars and postcards, and featured in a special “Arts From the Parks” book.

David Drummond watercolour workshops

David offers watercolour workshops at his Drummond Art Studio & Gallery, Albuquerque, NM. Further details of David’s watercolour workshops can be found on his website here.

Connect with David Drummond on the internet

David has several websites and social media accounts, use these links to connect with him:

David Drummond original watercolour paintings

Although David paints a wide variety of subjects, the way he captures the light and atmosphere in his watercolour landscapes and waterscapes really stand out for me as you can see in the examples below:

Browse more original David Drummond watercolour paintings here> and his Art For The Parks paintings here>

David Drummond Watercolour Painting Videos

Check out other inspiring watercolour workshop videos on this David Drummond YouTube search here>

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