Joseph Zbukvic - Watercolour Artist

With over 200 awards over 40 solo exhibitions Joseph is a highly accomplished watercolour artist.
Watercolour Artist - Joseph Zbukvic

Joseph Zbukvic is a leading master of watercolour medium of his time. To date he has won over 200 national and international awards and exhibited his work in over 40 solo exhibitions around the world. He has published two books and has released several painting classes on DVD. In addition, there is a signature series of his favourite brush.

His achievements and success is due to his ability to transform any subject into visual poetic language. Covering a huge variety of subjects, his sensitive, lyrical and atmospheric paintings have captured people and galleries from all around the world.


Joseph began his painting career in 1978 and quickly became one of Australia’s finest artists. Born in Zagreb, Croatia, Joseph immigrated to Australia when he was eighteen and has since won over 200 international awards with over 40 solo exhibitions in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, London and San Antonio.

Absolute passion for watercolour

woseph Zbukvic Watercolour Painting plein air

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Due to his exceptional drawing skills and extraordinary artistic abilities, he is proficient in any medium. However, it is his passion for watercolours that has led him to become a unique master of that medium. Although greatly admired for his soft moody impressions of rural life, Joseph also produces strong urban scenes and powerful equestrian images. He has always had a deep connection and affection for the labourer and the common man and it is these works that are also his finest paintings ever produced in watercolour.

Joseph has continued to explore new subjects and fresh ways to express his vision by frequent overseas travel. He has reached a new level of technical ability, maturity and strength as he enters the fourth decade of his career. Check out the selection of his paintings below which Joseph has kindly given me permission to use on this site.

Joseph Zbukvic’s Studio

Joseph’s website gives us a glimpse inside his studio, and although most of his works are painted plein air, he tells us that his studio provides him with an important creative environment filled with reference and materials for his larger scale paintings.

All of my treasures have a story to tell and looking at them can often lead me on a journey resulting in the choice of my next painting subject.

Joseph’s studio is a converted warehouse with abundance of natural light and an amazing collection of memorabilia discovered through his numerous travels.


Here is a list of galleries that sell Joseph’s watercolour paintings:

  • The Greenhouse Gallery of Fine Art
  • Rountree Tryon Galleries
  • David Sumner Gallery
  • Jenny Pihan Fine Art
  • The Red Hill Gallery
  • Melbourne Fine Art
  • Artarmon Galleries

Joseph Zbukvic watercolor workshops

Joseph Zbukvic is highly sought after as a tutor due to his wonderful communication skills and generosity. He is a rare artist who is not just an amazingly talented and versatile painter, but is also able to explain visual language in simple, practical and understandable terms. Despite demands for workshops from all over the world, Joseph keeps his painting as a main priority and only tutors at a select number of workshops.Find out more about Joseph’s watercolour workshops here>

Joseph Zbukvic original watercolour paintings

Although Joseph paints a huge variety of subjects, the way he captures the light and atmosphere in his watercolour landscapes and waterscapes really stand out for me as you can see in the examples below:

You can browse more original Joseph Zbukvic watercolour paintings here> and his watercolour painting gallery here>

Connect with Joseph Zbukvic on social media

Joseph has several websites and social media accounts, use these links here to connect with him:

Joseph Zbukvic Watercolour Brushes

Joseph uses Escoda watercolor brushes, and he says:

The final result of artist’s observation of any subject is a single brushstroke. It must do what the artist envisions. I have trusted Escoda brushes to do this for many years. Their ability to hold shape and their amazingly fine point, makes them a perfect brush for the task. I would be lost without them.

Escoda also makes a range of Joseph Zbukvic Signature Collection – Escoda Toray Watercolour Brushes which are available from Amazon.

Joseph Zbukvic watercolour demonstration at his Melbourne studio

Check out other inspiring watercolour instruction videos on this Joseph Zbukvic search on YouTube here> and on Vimeo here>


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