Ray Campbell Smith - Watercolour Artist

Ray Campbell Smith FRSA, FBSP, BWS is a well known and prolific professional artist and teacher whose work is represented in collections world wide.
Watercolour Artist - Ray Campbell Smith

Ray Campbell Smith Artist FRSA, FBSP, BWS is a one of our well-known British watercolour artists, and he’s a prolific professional artist and teacher. He has had more than forty one-man shows both in Britain and overseas, and his work is represented in collections world-wide, and easily makes it into my favorite famous artists list! Ray is highly influenced by the watercolours of John Yardley, loving his style, which is very bold, very impressive and liked the way that he seems to capture the atmosphere of his subjects so well without having to paint in all the details.

Ray Campbell Smith Watercolour Artist

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“Observation is key to good watercolours”

Ray is very keen on observation and teaches that every watercolour artist must study the colours before them carefully, that one mustn’t just accept that leaves are green and trunks are brown, but look for the real colour and do justice to those colours that the ordinary observer wouldn’t notice and make use of them.

Ray’s tips and advice to watercolourists

Rays advice to young watercolour  painters is interesting I think the important thing for up and coming painters is to always try to visualise the scene in front of you in terms that watercolour can cope with, and to study a scene at some length before even putting brush to paper. See as many paintings as you can of artists whom you admire, get as much practice as possible and go for atmosphere the whole time, don’t worry about fiddling detail.

Scottish Loch - Original watercolour by Ray Campbell Smith

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Ray Campbell Smith Art

Regularly contributing to leading art magazines, Ray Campbell Smith was recently appointed Editorial Consultant to Leisure Painter. He has written fifteen highly successful instructional books – seven of which were major best sellers. He has made videos for Seeba Film ProductionsM.G.Art master, and Teaching Art Ltd. His books and videos are widely available on the internet and can also be obtained from Search Press and David & Charles. Over his long career, Ray has written 17 books of tips for watercolourists, seven of which have reached the best-sellers list.

Ray attended the Croydon School of Art on a two-year course that included life-class and studies of buildings and landscape. However, the life of a starving artist in a garret was not for him and he joined the family business, Clarks College, where he became Principal of more than 20 colleges. Ray has received many commissions to paint famous buildings such as Guildford Cathedral for presentation to the Duke of Devonshire, Knole House for Lord and Lady Sackville and Chartwell House, home of Sir Winston Churchill, for the National Trust. He is an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, a Founding Fellow of the re-formed British Society of Painters, and an Associate of the British Watercolour Society. Ray is on the advisory panel of The Society of Amateur Artists, and the selection panel of the Autumn Art Show. Has been voted Painter of the Year by the Society for all Artists. Ray has also recently appeared on television in a painting feature with Mary Nightingale. Visit Ray Campbell Smith’s watercolour website HERE>>>

My Ray Campbell Smith Watercolour Projects

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Ray Campbell Smith Watercolour Painting Video

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