Tim Wilmot - Watercolour Artist

Tim is an amateur watercolour artist based in Bristol UK, follow his blog to admire his daily paintings
Watercolour Artist - Tim Wilmot

Tim Wilmot is an amateur watercolour artist and blogger based in Bristol, UK.

Apart from producing amazing watercolours in his spare time, Tim’s also the Managing Director of Wizard Systems, a software solutions company also based in Bristol, that offers Cloud and CRM solutions from GoldMine, HEAT, NetSuite, Sage, Nimble and Workbooks.

Tim has painted all of his life, and apart from art lessons at school, Tim is completely self-taught.

Loose, rough, vivid and moody

I absolutely love the looseness and roughness of his style, the vividness of his colours, and the mood he seems to inject with ease  into every painting, I have to say that I find  Tim’s work truly inspirational and just studying his work has given me lots to think about, more to learn and try to include in my own watercolour endeavours. Check out the selection of his paintings below which Tim has kindly given me permission to use on this site.

Tim Wilmot watercolour landscapes

Tim seems to have an affinity with painting watercolour landscapes.

Although he has dabbled with portraits and still life in the past, he always come back to his landscapes.

Tim Wilmot Watercolour Artist

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Tim Wilmot’s watercolour blog

He prefers a loose or impressionistic style when he paints his watercolour landscapes, and I really like their informality.

In tim’s blog bio he tells us that “Most of the pictures were done in my studio, but a few are done “plein aire” so to speak.” I found it very refreshing that Tim decided to include high quality images of his work on his blog. This is really useful because it allows you to zoom into sections of his paintings and study the details of how he’s accomplished certain effects within his works.

 Tim Wilmot original watercolour paintings

You can browse many more original Tim Wilmot watercolour paintings on his blog here>

Connect with Tim Wilmot on social media:

Tim has several social media accounts and an awesome “Painting a Day” blog. Use these links to connect with him:

Tim Wilmot watercolour video slide-show of Turkish scenes from in and around Istanbul

Check out other inspiring watercolour instruction videos on this Tim Wilmot YouTube search here>

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