This evening I had a nice surprise when I found the official gallery of watercolour artist Greg Howard at Greg Howard Gallery.

It’s an interesting site with some great examples of his work on display in his online galleries.

The website also includes details of his exhibitions, links to articles that he’s written, and also has a well-populated links page listing all of his local galleries in the Derbyshire area.

Derbyshire memories

Many years ago I spent several holiday weekends in  Derbyshire and it is such a beautiful part of the UK with breathtaking scenery. I seem to remember it was cold and it rained a lot, we had many trips out to visit damp mills and caves somewhere around Matlock Bath and we discovered the wonders of hot pots of tea served with freshly baked Bakewell Pudding which was delicious. Burned in my memory is this wonderful image of the lush green, rugged Derbyshire countryside glistening under dark moody skies as the sun set over the peaks – The trouble was though, it was long before I had started my Watercolour Journey. After seeing Greg’s site, and browsing through his galleries I am now inspired to go back, but this time I’ll dig out my stout walking boots, grab my sketchbooks, my watercolour field painting kit, a map, and I’m going to get myself lost in that Derbyshire wilderness to try to capture the mood for myself.

Greg’s background

Born in 1974 and raised in the Scottish Borders Greg has been painting and illustrating in watercolour for over fifteen years.

As an artist, Greg has been fortunate as he was not only raised in one of the most picturesque areas of the UK but also lived in the Cumbrian Lake District a source of inspiration for countless artists.

He now lives in Chesterfield just on the edge of the Derbyshire Peak District. Due to this, inspiration for his atmospheric, richly coloured watercolours has never been hard to find and landscape paintings were an obvious choice of subject for Greg.

Informative watercolour articles

As I mentioned earlier, Greg also has a selection of several interesting and informative watercolour related articles which he’s written and had published on One article in particular, “Watercolour Mediums – What They Do and How to Use Them” is packed end to end with some great hints, tips, and advice for the newer watercolour artist as it explains the purpose and use of mediums such as; Masking Fluid, Iridescent Medium, Texture Medium, Gum Arabic, Blending Medium, Granulation Paint Medium, Lifting Paint Medium and Ox Gall Liquid.

Greg Howard
Greg Howard Derbyshire
When painting my watercolours it is a never-ending quest to depict the ever-changing moods and nuances of nature and my personal endeavour to help people appreciate the natural beauty of the country they live in


Next steps

Is there a watercolour website that you like and inspires you? Please let us know in the comments below so we can check it out, and maybe add it to our links section – Thanks 🙂