I was delighted to be able to interview one of my most favourite watercolour artists of all time at Patchings Art Festival in June 2013, none other than the amazing David Bellamy. David specialises in painting wild mountain and coastal scenes, and is particularly fascinated by the moods of nature in the wild places. His paintings have reached private collections in many parts of the world. A full-time artist and author, he has written eleven books (see below) which are fully illustrated with his wonderful watercolour paintings.

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Watercolour Artist - David Bellamy

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Although we mainly talked about watercolour, and the business of being an artist, at one point during the interview I managed to touch on a subject that is close to Davids heart, and that is the way that energy companies have been installing wind farms in some of the most beautiful landscapes in our country.

Because of the overall length of the recording I decided to split the interview into two parts. The first interview is all about David, his art, and the business of being an artist.  The second interview is Davids thoughts on how our beautiful landscape and heritage in the UK is being destroyed by unscrupulous energy companies, and ends with information on how we can get involved to help put a stop to this madness – Enjoy 🙂

Interview 1:

listen to ‘Interview with David Bellamy at Patchings Art Festival 2013’ on Audioboo

Interview 2:

listen to ‘Interview with Watercolour Artist David Bellamy talking about wind farms in Wales’ on Audioboo

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