While at the Patchings Art Festival in June 2014, I had the great pleasure of meeting and interviewing the gorgeous Jean Haines. It was wonderful to see her in action as she demonstrated her unique style of watercolour painting in the St Cuthberts Mill demonstration tent, which she packed out – it was standing room only!

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Watercolour Artist Jean Haines demonstrating at Patchings Art Festival 2014

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International watercolourist Jean Haines is a member of the Society for Women Artists (SWA), and is well-known for her love of her chosen medium.

Having lived and travelled in many countries, Jean has had the opportunity to develop her skills whilst under the influence of masters from many countries, including Asia, the Middle East and Europe. She studied brush control while living in China and this had the greatest impact on her style. Later, when working with artists from India and Pakistan, she became inspired by the vibrant colours they used. The combination of East meets West in Jean’s style is to be enjoyed.

The magical free flow of water and colour straight on to a blank working surface (with no initial drawing) creates amazing results, often leaving her audience breathless with delight. Her atmospheric paintings can be found in homes all over the world and in 2009 she won the Anthony J Lester Award during the SWA Annual Exhibition, where her work was likened to Joseph Crawhalls of the famous Glasgow Boys group of artists.

Jean regularly writes for art magazines and exhibits in a number of galleries. Her hugely successful workshops are held regularly in the UK, and her 2014 Australia Book Signing and Workshop Tour is already sold out. In 2015 she will be visiting California, New York and St Louis in the USA for an exciting new book launch and book signing tour.

Jean lives in Crookham Village, Hampshire.

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