I really admire David Bellamy, he is my favourite Watercolour artist. I just love the simplicity of his paintings, his dramatic use of light, subtle use of colour, and the techniques he employs to create atmosphere through mere suggestion is truly breathtaking.

This is one of his YouTube videos that contains extracts from three of his slide presentations on DVD which are used as a teaching tool for people interested in learning how to paint in watercolour.

I was lucky enough to see David at Patchings Art and Crafts Festival in 2007 where I sat and watched him give an amazing watercolour demonstration of painting a waterfall in watercolour. I found the following recordings of that same demonstration on YouTube which was recorded in 2009, and is Split between two videos, here they are:

Painting a Waterfall in Watercolour Part 1:


Painting a Waterfall in Watercolour Part 2:


I managed to spend a few minutes talking with him afterwards and found him to be very helpful and supportive, and he was such a gentleman too.

The full versions of the DVD’s are available on David’s website here: www.davidbellamy.co.uk


Next steps

Find out more about David Bellamy here>

Have you ever met one of your art heroes,  if so, what were they like, and how inspirational are they to you? Do you have any inspiring watercolour tuition videos on YouTube? If so,  please share what you’ve found with us using the comments below.