Since I moved to Ely mid 2014 I now only live just a stones-throw from Ely Cathedral. In fact, it’s the first thing that greets your eye when stepping out of my front door. Ely Cathedral is such an impressive building, built atop a hill, and it quite literally dominates the City of Ely and the surrounding Fenlands. It certainly earns its nickname “The Ship Of The Fens” as the Cathedral can be seen across the flat fenlands for many many miles around.

Here is my random collection of Ely Cathedral pictures, taken from both inside and outside of the building. I will be constantly adding new photographs of Ely Cathedral to over the coming months and years because this magnificent building takes on many different moods depending on the season, the sky, the weather and the time of day. Please be sure to check back regularly to see my latest updates.

Ely Cathedral History

Over the coming months I hope to be writing several blog posts of some of the things I discover about the history of Ely Cathedral, and I’ll also be sharing some of my own artworks that have been inspired by the Cathedral through my social media accounts.

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References for your artworks

Not  all of my photos are in perfect focus or the most ideal lighting conditions,  but I hope you’ll find my collection is adequate at least to be used as reference material for your own artwork, or something here fires up your inspiration to create your own artworks from them.

Enjoy! 🙂

Photo’s of Ely Cathedral

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These images are provided under the following Creative Commons licensing terms: 

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Next Steps

Please feel free to download any of these photo’s of Ely Cathedral and use them to create, or mash together your own drawings, watercolour paintings, or artworks. Don’t forget to post links to your artwork in the comments below so we can see what you’ve done – Many thanks