As I’ve begun working on a new series of watercolour painting projects from Joe Francis Dowden‘s book Ready To Paint: Venice in Watercolour, I thought it would be pertinent to share a selection of photograph of Venice that I took during my trip there in October 2012. The light there is wonderful, and the crystal clear cerulean blue water is amazing, and wholly worthy of being depicted by many famous artists in their fine art watercolor paintings.

This is just a collection of random photographs of Venice that I took over a weekend in October 2012. We were very lucky, it didn’t rain too much during our visit, in fact the week after we visited Venice we saw in the news that St Mark’s Square was flooded! Even though it was fairly overcast for the duration, the sun did came out occasionally.

What’s in my Venice photographs?

You’ll find views of Rialto bridge from the water at night, views from the top of Rialto Bridge, various backwaters, back streets, and canal shots, St Mark’s Square, and a close-ups of the bells inside St Mark’s bell tower.

I really wanted to capture Venice as it was at that time, so you’ll find photo’s of some of the building and restoration work that was going on while we were there, and even a few snaps that we took inside the opera house when we watched a performance of La Traviata by Giuseppe Verdi.

Free pictures of Venice

My apologies if you were expecting some amazing photo’s, but I’m only an amateur photographer and these were taken with my iPhone 4s. A few of the photographs may be a little out of focus, not quite level, and I noticed that some of the evening shots I took were in poor lighting conditions, and not expertly compensated, but I think they’re good enough as a reference.

References for your paintings

I processed the photo’s of Venice in Adobe Photoshop to be of a uniform size, compressed them to be optimised for viewing on the web and I think you’ll find that my collection is perfectly adequate as reference material, or inspriation for you to create your own watercolours from them..

Enjoy! 🙂

Photo’s of Venice

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These images are provided under the following Creative Commons licensing terms: 
Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike – CC BY-NC-SA

 Next Steps

Please feel free to download any of these photo’s of Venice and use them to create, or mash together your own Venetian watercolour painting. Don’t forget to post links to your watercolour painting in the comments below so we can see what you’ve done – Many thanks

Ready to paint: Venice in Watercolour book

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Ready to paint: Venice in Watercolour DVD’s

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