CDII – Celebration of Discovery, Invention and Innovation

CDII is a hyper-realistic pencil art project that I started working on mid 2014

How you can help – Propose a subject

I’m crowdsourcing a list of names of people who have discovered, invented or innovated something that has changed the world in some way for the better, but I will only be drawing the most popular subjects chosen by my fans and followers on social media.


The proposed names will go through a validation process so I can keep on top of spam and junk.


Proposed names that make it through the vetting process will be added to the voting list, and the ones that get the most votes will become my “Chosen Subjects”

Francis Crick DNA Mockup

Project vision

My vision is that this body of work will be used to help educate and encourage children and students around the world to explore these people further and recognise the social and cultural impact that they had.

Hopefully this will ultimately inspire them into finding new ways to change our world for the better themselves.

Project goals

My first goal is to create a body of work on the most popular people, followed by a related body of work of lesser  known people, all whose discoveries or innovations have changed our world for the better.

Project locations

I’m planning to create each hyper-realistic drawing in locations associated with each subject (where possible) hence my initial selection where the subjects are fairly local to me. If you see me while I’m working, please come over to say hi!

Use the links and buttons below to:

Enter the draw

You’re welcome to make submissions anonymously, or you can enter your details into the draw. If you entered the draw and your proposed subject is chosen, your name will be entered into a raffle and have the chance to be randomly picked as one of three winning names that are going to be hidden somewhere within my completed artwork of your proposed subject. Thank you and good luck! Ian You are welcome to propose as many subjects as you like, and you can vote as often as you like. Find out how this project came into being by reading my Patchings Challenge 2015 blog post here>

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