The website for the Society of All Artists is a vibrant online community for artists and has over 47,000 members extending well beyond the UK.

The website introduces its members to what the SAA is all about and provides an online chat forum for people to share views and get help on all kinds of painting problems. The SAA art groups are distributed across the UK, and by signing up for the annual membership allows you to take part in local group meetings and other national SAA events.

You can sign up and receive a quarterly magazine and a home shopping catalogue which offers many discounts on art materials, videos and books, all of which are all good quality. The teaching side of the SAA is well stocked with book and video titles produced by many well renowned national, and international artists.

The society, and their website is open to all people who enjoy painting,whether as a leisure pursuit or on a professional basis.

The SAA site brings together painters from many walks of life, and help their artists dispel feelings of isolation and provide a vibrant online community.

The web-gallery of members’ work links with other member-artists who have already developed their own art websites.

The site is quite well thought out, is easy to use, and offers its members great deals and discounts on training materials, artist materials, videos and books etc. New members also receive a free welcome pack and 500 loyalty points that equates to around £5.00

Next steps

You can visit the Society for All Artists website by clicking Here>>>

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