Watercolour Tips

Hints, tips and ideas for watercolour artists

How To Make A Watercolour Colour Chart

I have just completed my first YouTube Watercolour Tips video as I wanted to share a really useful idea that's helped me with my watercolour journey. I'm always picking up bargains at art shops, and I'm very lucky to have such a generous family who buy me watercolour...

Introduction To Social Networking

I thought it would a good idea that as I'm using a wide selection of Social Media tools to spread the message of my Watercolour Journey as far and wide as possible, that I would share a helpful little video that I'd made a while ago in which I explain in plain English...

Cerulean Blue Graining

I thought it would be useful to drop in a quick tip about my new discovery, Cerulean Blue and the wonderful graining / granulation effect this pigment can have on a painting. I picked up Cerulean blue from my local art shop years ago but I've never really had an...

Wear a Big Scary Hat

I hate the fact that when I'm painting "en plein air" you can attract crowds of complete strangers who come and stand behind you saying things like "Hmmm, he's got that wrong" or "Hmmm, that shade of green doesn't quite match". Not only is it highly irritating, but I...

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