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My New Age Of Art

My new age of art, how art has been helping with my recovery, and the exciting developments you can expect to see in the future…

Search Press

Search Press Ltd is the leading art and craft publisher in the UK, specialising in fine art, textiles, general crafts and children's crafts. I particularly love their huge range of watercolor painting books and drawing books, which I've listed at the bottom of this...

Would you like to paint like Turner?

With the Watercolour exhibition going on at the moment at Tate Britain at Millbank in London, watercolour expert Mike Chaplin has just produced a series of videos looking at Turners work where he breaks down some of the thought processes that went behind Turners...

How To Make A Watercolour Colour Chart

I have just completed my first YouTube Watercolour Tips video as I wanted to share a really useful idea that's helped me with my watercolour journey. I'm always picking up bargains at art shops, and I'm very lucky to have such a generous family who buy me watercolour...

Introduction To Social Networking

I thought it would a good idea that as I'm using a wide selection of Social Media tools to spread the message of my Watercolour Journey as far and wide as possible, that I would share a helpful little video that I'd made a while ago in which I explain in plain English...

Painting a Waterfall in Watercolour With David Bellamy

I really admire David Bellamy, he is my favourite Watercolour artist. I just love the simplicity of his paintings, his dramatic use of light, subtle use of colour, and the techniques he employs to create atmosphere through mere suggestion is truly breathtaking. This...

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