I hate the fact that when I’m painting “en plein air” you can attract crowds of complete strangers who come and stand behind you saying things like “Hmmm, he’s got that wrong” or “Hmmm, that shade of green doesn’t quite match”. Not only is it highly irritating, but I find it annoying and quite stressful.

Well I don’t seem to get that so much since I started following a tip that I picked up from one of David Bellamy‘s watercolour training books.

Taking David’s advice I went out and treated myself to a white, wide brimmed Panama hat, and I now have quite a collection of them!

I now wear one every time I go out painting or sketching, and for some reason people give you a wide berth and really do keep away! It was a great tip – it works for me, and I hope it works for you too!

David Bellamy
David Bellamy Watercolour artist
Wear a big scary hat when painting outdoors.

It helps to keep strangers from becoming “over the shoulder critics” and tends to scare them away!

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